La Brande

Karl & Yann Todeschini

Our wines are what happens when a passionate family meets a rich and generous terroir.

Château La Brande - Castillon Caracteres
Lieu dit La Brande
33350 Belvès-de-Castillon


Château La Brande, which is located in the communes of Belvès de Castillon and Sainte Colombe in the heart of the Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux appellation, has a fine family history. Nowadays the estate is run by the two brothers, Karl and Yann, with the aim of providing pleasure and stirring up emotions!

It is a rugged, hilly vineyard, in a wild bucolic setting among woods and forest. Clay predominates over limestone and contains veins of flint. This terroir gives the wine more roundness and charm, allowing us to make succulent wines.


“From Man to Nature, from Wine to Humanity….a beautiful purpose.”


A great wine is made above all on the vine. We have been using sustainable farming methods since 2009, through conviction and natural reflex.

What we want is to reduce our environmental impact to the very minimum: to protect our soil, our landscape, our groundwater, our biodiversity – and people. We have been labelled AB (Agriculture Biologique, or organic farming) since 2020, and enthusiastically started using a biodynamic approach in 2018. We were delighted to become a Biodyvin member in 2020.

We use rational low-input techniques when working the soil in order to respect its structure. The addition of organic fertilisers, such as manure and compost, coupled with the planting of pulses and cereals, encourages natural biological activity in the soil. This ecosystem is the basis of a healthy, living soil, our soil.

This ecological approach requires rigour and precision; it reduces yields, but rewards us year after year with grapes with a genuine identity, which are characteristic of their terroir

Château La Brande - Castillon Caracteres