Nicolas et Cyrille Thienpont

Terroirs are the expression of a place and the testimony of a history. Producing a great wine that reflects its terroir seems like a simple concept, but it is one that requires patience and humility to put into practice.
Nicolas and Cyrille Thienpont operate in accordance with ancient traditions, as well as the desire to break new ground.


Magnificent soils criss-crossed by deep-rooted and well-established vines, as well as a craving for new initiatives, led to the creation of Château Alcée in 2011. Located halfway between their Côtes de Francs and Saint-Émilion vineyards, Nicolas and Cyrille Thienpont bought three contiguous plots of land in three communes on the Castillon plateau, namely Puisseguin (3.8 ha), Saint Philippe d’Aiguilhe (4.2 ha) and Saint Genès-de-Castillon (6 ha).

“Whatever the location, we strive to bring out the truth of our terroirs.”


“Whatever the location, we strive to bring out the truth of our terroirs.” Here the rock outcrops on the red clay are a visible sign of the high iron oxide content. Our hillsides offer incredibly diverse wildlife and landscapes, for which we feel a responsibility. We are also aware that good wines need aerated soils with a rich microbial life. This is achieved through humus-rich soil amendments, the planting of cereals and pulses, and appropriate tillage. We are clearly making our way, slowly but surely, towards an organic production.

Château Alcée - Castillon Caracteres