Alain Tourenne

Alain Tourenne, Chaâteau Beynat’s owner, is overflowing with imagination and creativity and constantly coming up with new ideas for his vines and the originality of his cuvées.

Château Beynat - Castillon Caracteres
23 Bis Rue de Beynat
33350 Saint-Magne-de-Castillon


Château Beynat recently celebrated its centenary, having been set up in 1917 by Léonard Nebout. As the son and grandson of winegrowers, I grew up among the vineyards and in the cellars. I took over the estate in 2008, with the wish to make wine using all of the property’s terroirs. By converting to organic and biodynamic farming, I knew that the wines would come alive and express their soil.

I am a mere conductor who with just three instruments (the vine, the soil and the year’s climate) has to create the most beautiful melody possible.

“By converting to organic and biodynamic farming I knew that the wines would come alive and express their soil.”


Today, Château Beynat has a wine-growing area of 14 hectares. Each generation has perpetuated this precious know-how by giving the best of itself and adding its own touch of personality.

This winemaker has been committed to organic viticulture for fifteen years, and to biodynamics since 2018. He pays close attention to his terroir and works in harmony with nature and the local fauna. His faithful mare, Tulipe sometimes accompanies him in his work in the vineyard.


Château Beynat - Castillon Caracteres