Thomas Guibert

Thomas is a trained agricultural engineer and oenologist who developed his know-how in several Bordeaux wineries, in particular as the head of a Saint-Émilion grand cru that became classified under his direction. He then took the reins of the family business, Vignobles Palatin – Guibert.

Château Roquevieille - Castillon Caracteres
3 Roquevieille
33 350 Saint-Philippe-d'Aiguille


Château Roquevieille is located on a continuation of Saint-Émilion’s clay-limestone plateau, on one of the highest points of the Gironde and facing due south; It enjoys an ideal location known for its “Côtes wines”.

The estate is made up of over 25 contiguous hectares, including 15 that are planted on a magnificent clay-limestone plateau, one of the most beautiful terroirs in the Bordeaux region.
The vineyard is planted with 85% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. The vines have an average age of 30 years, and strict plot-by-plot selections are conducted using small-capacity tanks with full temperature control systems.

The wines are made in the purest Bordeaux tradition (long maceration, punching down, rack and return, etc.) with a few modern touches, including complete fermentation in barrels or whole clusters for certain batches.

All with the greatest respect for the exceptional terroir.

“Labelled Bee Friendly, ecological balance is essential if the full potential of this magnificent terroir is to be expressed.”


The management of the vineyard is rigorously oriented towards excellence and respect for the environment with several environmental certifications including the High Environmental Value level 3 (HVE3) and Bee Friendly. Several beehives are present near the vines, as well as 2 ha of honey-bearing flower fallows and 7 ha of woods.

Château Roquevieille - Castillon Caracteres