Philippe Carrille

Château Poupille is run by the Carrille family, who have been winegrowers for five generations. It is an unusual name in the very classic Bordeaux region. Far from being a play on words however, in the local patois poupille means “the end of the hill”. Philippe Carille took over the estate in 1988.

Château Poupille - Castillon Caracteres
2 Lieu-dit Poupille


The château is located high up on the slopes of Castillon and dominates the south-facing vineyard, which extends over 33 hectares, 23 of which are contiguous.

Château Poupille’s vines have been cultivated organically and certified as such for many years, making it a pioneer in this respect in Bordeaux. Philippe is attentive to the clay-limestone terroir that nature has provided and strives to produce a natural wine that respects the environment and is a source of pleasure and conviviality.

“As a committed and pragmatic forerunner, I have been working to develop a circular economy on this unconventional property for many years.”


Modern, committed and results-oriented, Philippe has been working to develop a circular economy on this unconventional property for many years. The property’s buildings and temperature-controlled tanks are heated from the production of vine shoots. In 2012, the project was awarded a prize from the Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture for the Acquitaine region.

The Château also produces and stores electricity from photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of a semi-buried cellar.

The family cares deeply about recycling, producing compost and working to reduce their carbon footprint by using lighter bottles, fully recyclable packaging, and corks that have not been treated with hydrogen peroxide, as well as optimising pallets for transport. Natural habitats and biodiversity are encouraged through the preservation of woodlands and the natural growth of hedges on the property. These innovative approaches are the result of in-depth work, which is not commercially or ideologically motivated.

Château Poupille - Castillon Caracteres