Cap de Faugères

Silvio Denz

Vignobles Silvio Denz’s estates share the passion that drives their owner. Love for wine and respect for the prestige of the great terroirs inspire Silvio Denz to ensure that his properties work towards a sustainable future. He channels his enthusiasm and taste for excellence into the development of the vineyards, inspiring their constant commitment to responsible practices.


Château Cap de Faugères - Castillon Caracteres
Château Cap de Faugères
33350 Sainte-Colombe


Château Cap de Faugères has 20 hectares of vines and is located in the commune of Sainte Colombe, in the Castillon-Côtes de Bordeaux appellation. It benefits from superb clay-limestone slopes that are an extension of the St.-Émilion terroir. Sustainable and mindful agriculture are the watchwords at Château Cap de Faugères. “The terroir is expressed in each vintage, offering wines that can be enjoyed at a relatively early age.” Château Cap de Faugères’ core ethos involves protecting the terroir, enhancing the value of the lands and the people and establishing a sustainable vineyard.

“The terroir is expressed in each vintage, offering wines that can be enjoyed at a relatively early age.”


Vignobles Silvio Denz’s approach to winegrowing is natural, balanced and responsible, with a long-term perspective. Today, the emphasis is on the winegrower’s decisions and tasks, based on observation in accordance with the natural rhythm of the seasons, the needs of the soil, the vines and the wine. This role cannot be fulfilled without a desire to question, discuss, recognize and share good practice.” All properties have “High Environmental Value” level 3 certification (HEV3). We comply with essential environmental regulatory practices, adopt low-impact techniques, and are committed to assessing our performance in terms of biodiversity and low inputs. We have set ourselves new objectives: in 2021 we joined the Bordeaux Cultivons Demain initiative with a view to obtaining Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) certification.

Château Cap de Faugères - Castillon Caracteres