de Pitray

Jean de Boigne

Living just a stone’s throw from Saint-Émilion, the Pitrays and their ancestors can be traced back as far as the Hundred Years War. They have owned the domain for over 600 years, and the presence of a dolmen shows that the lands have been inhabited since prehistoric times.

Today the estate is managed by Jean de Boigne, grandson of Viscount Louis de Pitray.

Château de Pitray - Castillon Caracteres
49 Le Bourg
33350 Gardegan-et-Tourtirac


Château Pitray is the oldest family-run-property in Bordeaux. It stretches over 130 hectares, including 60 ha of vines, 40 ha of forest and 30 ha of prairies. The south-facing castle is located in Gardegan, just 8km from Saint-Émilion as the crow flies. The presence of the white helleborine orchid, as well as of truffles, is proof of the importance placed on biodiversity throughout the estate. In 2017, 70 acres of truffle oaks were planted with a view to diversifying the business.

The production of internationally-renowned, high-quality wine, as well as the Château itself, make this a unique and magical place, where wine has always been a part of life, and is now almost the sole focus.



“Pitray is as much about prairies and forests as it is wines. I respect and protect this biodiversity and it in turn imbues my wine with its full character.”


No herbicides are used so as not to harm the plants. Pruning the vines removing the wood, bending, clamping and lifting, de-budding, sorting the grapes… all of this meticulous work is done by hand with the greatest respect for the vines so that during the long-awaited harvest (late September/early October), they will provide beautiful fruit ready to be made into wine.

We taste the vats every day with our consulting oenologist to see if any of them need special attention and to bring out the generosity and expression of the fruit. After fermentation, the wine is transferred to stainless steel vats or oak barrels for ageing. The fruity wines are aged in vats to cultivate their succulence and freshness, while the more complex wines are aged in barrels for 12 to 18 months to enhance their structure and elegance.

Château de Pitray - Castillon Caracteres